Good luck in your New Job Emma - 23 September 2016

After nearly 3 years service we are saying goodbye to a valued member of our team. Emma is moving on to pastures new and we all would like to wish her the very best of luck in her new role. 

A leaving do ro remember.....

Leaving in style


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Hannah loves Vanilla Wood Floors - 20 August 2014

Thank you Hannah for your lovely redesign of our logo..

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Osmo mixing ideas for a bespoke finish for your floor - 05 November 2013

Mixing your own colour tone could not be easier with Osmo's interior products.

Create your bespoke wood finish by simply mixing colours until you get your desired shade and stir well.

On the floor pictured, we've used 2 parts Osmo Polyx Oil Tints Graphite 3074 with 1 part Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent White 3111 to create modern grey tone on a renovated solid oak floor.


  Tip: Always make a note of the colour ration in case you need to create more of the same colour for renovation or repair!!

  It is advisable to test colours on a small sample area as colours may appear differently on various wood species.

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Design your floor to suit you with our Clementine Unfinished Oak - 08 October 2013

Add extra character to your home with our Clementine Unfinished Oak engineered wood floor. These wide planks can make smaller rooms look bigger and they can be finished with a stain, oil or lacquer to achieve your desired look.

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London Fashion - Charles Tyrwhitt - 09 September 2013

 We have been providing a Cognac stained Augustus floor for this prestigous chain that retails men's clothes.

This is the flagship store in Jermyn Street London, a location synonymous with offering the finest quality menswear since 1730.

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With Summer Comes UV Damage - 05 June 2013
Natural wood, and wood treated with normal oil finishes, without UV-protection will begin to grey quite rapidly
Until now the only effective protection against the effects of UV on exterior wood have been pigmented finishes that have covered the original colour of the wood (such as Natural Oil Woodstain) now the UV-Protection Oil does just that but in a clear finish!
Osmo UV-Protection Oil contains special, clear ingredients which do not allow the UV-rays to hit the wood surface. As long as the rain or water can run off the wood (vertical surfaces) then the UV-Protection Oil effectively prevents the greying process as a stand-alone finish by UV-protection factor 12 in comparison to untreated wood.
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