Hardwood Flooring Grades

Wood flooring is graded by the manufacturers according to its appearance.

Please find below a hardwood floor grade guide to help you to determine the decorative finish that best suits you:

Grade A or Prime

  • The face should be defect free
  • No Sapwood allowed
  • No Heart wood allowed
  • No blue stain or cracking allowed
  • Small health knots¬†up max diameter of 5.4mm
  • Uniform Colour with small, limited character marks

Grade B or Nature / Select

  • Small streaks & burls allowed
  • Slight imperfections
  • Black lines allowed
  • Black coloured knots up to max diameter of 2.5mm
  • Healthy knots up max diameter of 5.4mm
  • Slight colour variation

Grade C or Rustic

  • Sapwood allowed on the face
  • Streaks, pin worm holes & burls allowed
  • Imperfections & knots allowed (max diameter of 35mm)
  • Black / White coloured knot repair / Filler allowed

Grade D or Country

  • More markings than grade C allowed
  • Light & dark colours
  • Knots & other chamfer marks allowed
  • Heavy streaks, checks, worm holes, heart-wood, stains allowed
  • Unlimited sapwood & knots

Taken from the perimeter of the trunk is DE Grade Timber. This grade celebrates the more rustic features of Oak; Large colour variations, Filler, Knots, Cracks and Sapwood, are common and all can be present and permissible whilst creating a characterful and dramatic floor when laid