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WOCA Replacement Cotton Head for Swep Mop

WOCA Replacement Cotton Head for Swep Mop
Manufacturer: Woca

 Woca-599815 Swep Mop Head Replacement:

 The WOCA Swep Mop head replacement attaches to the Swep Mop. Durable, long lasting mop head.Specifically for use with the Woca Swep Mop for use on oiled wood floor only.

Extra Cotton for Woodcare mop For an optimal moisture absorption, it is better to place the new mop, 24 hours before use, in cold water.

- Before you replace the cotton, check first how the cotton is attached to the shaft

- Turn the handle with the grip upside down

- Remove the black pin (under the cotton) out of the tube

- Pull the black holder slightly so that holder comes out of the tube.

- Lower the black holder

- Replace now the new cotton in reverse order



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