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Sample of QuickTherm Flooring Underlay 1.8mm

A premium quality, poly-foam underlay specially designed for use with underfloor heating
prices from as low as £2.75m2
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QuickThermTM flooring underlay is a premium high density poly-foam underlay for Engineered wood floors. It has been specially designed to offer maximum heat transfer for use in conjunction with all underfloor heating systems, it also has exceptional walking noise and impact sound insulation properties. Long term load-bearing capacity and ideal for use in rooms with high frequentation.

  • Density 120kg/m² +-12.0
  • Impact sound reduction 19dB to DIN ISO 140-8
  • Walking noise reduction 6 (SL10) Some to EPLF Norm 021029
  • Max Temperature Stability (unloaded)75°C
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.052W/m k at 10°C to DIN 4108
  • Thermal resistance 0.035m²k/W to DIN4108
  • Thermal resistance 0.35 togs
  • Long Term load bearing capacity 5.0 DIN EN 1606
  • Compressive strength at 10% 60 DIN EN 826
  • Fire classification Class B2 DIN 4102

Usage for underfloor heating suited to systems with low maximum temperatures under 45°C

This product is a must for all underfloor heating systems and can be used in conjunction with the full range of our Engineered floors at Vanilla.

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