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Sample of Vanilla Value Underlay 3mm

Lightweight polyethylene foam Underlay
prices from as low as £0.75m2

Vanilla value underlay is ideal for taking the unevenness out of the sub floor surface and has excellent impact sound insulation.

This acoustic white floor underlay is composed of a high quality, lightweight polyethylene foam which benefits from a closed cell structure and is 100% recyclable.It is easy to lay dust free.

Great for use with laminate floors and all real wood flooring products, either floated or for cushioning and above all is suitable for under floor heating systems . See our range of engineered floors to use with this product for floating floors.

Size 1m x 15m (15m2)
Thickness 3mm
  • Density 20kg/m² Thermal Resistance 0.044m²k/WtoDin4108
  • Impact sound reduction 19db to BSEN ISO-140-8
  • Lengthwise elongation 100% to DIN 53 571
  • Crosswise elongation 80% to DIN 53571
  • Temperature stability 75%
  • Thermal conductivity 0.045W/m K at 10 c to DIN 4108
  • Maximum compression load <2.0N/m² to DIN EN 1606
  • Tensile strength lengthwise >0.30 N/mm² to DIN 53571
  • Tensile strength width wise >0.15 N/mm² 53571
Manufacturer Vanilla