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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 4L Refill

A pH neutral detergent which leaves no residue; a powerful, low foaming, method of cleaning
Manufacturer: Bona
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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is a ready-to-use pH-neutral detergent specifically formulated for cleaning all types of wooden and cork floors including all finished but also waxed and oiled floors. It makes both the everyday cleaning and the cleaning of very dirty floors easy without the risk of damaging the wood or finish.

This 4 Litre refill is for use with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner spray bottle or for use with the Bona Spray Mop / Cartridges.
The special ‘non-streaking’ formulation leaves no build-up of sticky residue whilst effectively cleaning the toughest of dirt and grime. The cleaner is compatible with Bona Wood Floor Refresher, Bona Polishes and many other types of maintenance coatings.

  • Specifically designed for varnished wooden floors
  • Can be used with Bona Wood Refresher and Bona Polishes
  • Easy – Ready to use
  • For daily maintenance

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SKU: Bona/ClnrRfl/4L
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Shade Clear
Manufacturer Bona
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