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Bona Cleaning Pad

Bona Cleaning Pad is a washable microfibre pad which attaches with Velcro-like strips to the Bona Mop and is reusable up to 300 washes.
Manufacturer: Bona

Bona Cleaning Pad attracts and traps dirt and allergens when used dry. It absorbs spills and removes tough stains more economical than disposable systems which attaches with Velcro-like strips to all Bona Mops (including the spray mop).

Key benefits: 
  • Picks up moisture and dirt, leaving floors clean - with no dulling scratches
  • Revolutionary microfibre threads attracting and absorbing dirt
  • Machine washable and reusable up to 300 times. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Gentle on your floors


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