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WOCA Pre-Colour Grey 2.5L

Pre-Colour for the staining of wood surfaces
Manufacturer: Woca

Pre-Colour is a water-based stain used for the priming of unfinished or freshly sanded interior woodwork i.e. floors, stairs, furniture and panels. Pre-Colour enhances the wood grain prior to a protecting oil or lacquer finish. Pre-Colour may be used on all types of wood.

Available in
Pre-Colour is available in the container size of 2,5 litre container and in the colours white, extra white and grey.

Brush, plastic bucket and stick for stirring. Clean tools in water.

How to do...

  1. The unfinished woodwork must be well sanded, clean and dry before application of the Pre-Colour. Clean with 125 ml Wood Cleaner mixed with 5 l water. Shake the container. Pour the Pre-Colour into a plastic bucket and stir regularly in order to obtain a uniform result.
  2. Apply the undiluted Pre-Colour in an even layer length wise onto the floor with a paint brush. Use at least 1l of Pre-Colour per 10 m2. On vertically mounted woodwork, apply from top to bottom. Clean tools in water.
  3. When the wood is dry, clean with Wood Cleaner and leave to dry or alternatively use green pad under floor machine and subsequently vacuum clean the floor. Finish the floor with Wood Floor Oil, Master Oil, Colour Oil, High Solid Master Oil or Oil Lacquer.


SKU: WOCA/500229A

Coverage 8 to 10 sqm / Litre
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