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OSMO Spray Mop

OSMO Spray Mop - Cleaning your floor the easy way
Manufacturer: Osmo
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OSMO Spray Mop with this innovative cleaning system, the cleaner Spray Fix is a refillable container 0.75L which can be easily sprayed directly onto the wooden floor with the touch of a button from the handle.

Fill the Spray-Fix with a dash of Osmo Wash and Care with water to remove everyday dirt and grime exceptionally using the high quality Active Fibre Mop, and thanks to natural oils, it prevents the floor from drying out.

Recommended Use

Ideal for cleaning and maintaining wooden floors which have been treated with Osmo Polyx Oils. With a one touch button, Osmo Spray Mop has a cartridge for cleaners (Spray Fix) which is ideal for the quick and partial cleaning in between.


  • High traffic areas such as floors require regular maintenance, this will depend on the amount of use the floor will get. Regular cleaning can mean weekly for domestic households or daily for commercial use.
  • The Active Fibre Pad can easily be removed and is machine washable.


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