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OSMO Micro Mop Plush Cleaning Pad for Opti-Set Mop

OSMO MICRO-MOP PLUSH Pad for use with the Osmo Opti-Set Mop
Manufacturer: Osmo

Micro Mop Head Plush - Highly effective: A dash of Osmo Wash and Care in mop water removes everyday dirt exceptionally with Micro-Mop Plush.


How often your wooden floor should be damp mopped depends on its usage. For domestic floors, once a week should be enough. For commercial floors such as in bars, restaurants and other high traffic areas it may be necessary to damp mop daily.

Use the white Micro-mop from the Osmo Opti-Set.

A dash of Osmo Wash and Care in mop water removes everyday dirt and grime exceptionally, thanks to the natural oils which keep the surface looking fresh. Please refrain from using aggressive cleaners such as bleach.


Advice: Only use a slightly damp, not wet, mop! If required dry the floor afterwards.

Key benefits:

  • Picks up moisture and dirt, leaving floors clean - with no dulling scratches
  • Revolutionary active fibre threads attracting and absorbing dirt
  • Machine washable. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Gentle on your floors

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