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Tuplex Underlay 3mm x 1.1m x 30m (33m2) roll

Wood & laminate floor underlay; a complete moisture management system
prices from as low as £1.67m2
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Tuplex® Underlay meets every critical demand for laminate and engineered wood floors – plus it doesn't trap moisture between the vapour barrier and the subfloor. Constantly circulating air carries moisture to the floor's perimeter where it harmlessly evaporates. 

Chemical treatments may temporarily inhibit mould growth but don't eliminate moisture's long-term threat. Airflow technology is the safe, natural way to protect floors and the living environment.

Benefits and features of TUPLEX® underlay

Levels the subfloor
Only Tuplex® underlay has a consistency that forms itself to the sub-floor. It eliminates slight variations and provides an even and firm support to the flooring. Variations in a sub-floor surface can cause movement where the planks of floating flooring are joined together. Movement weakens the joints which may lead to squeaking floors and possible separation of the planks.

TUPLEX's granular beaded construction creates space between the floorboards and the subfloor, allowing for efficient ventilation.

Moisture barrier
The two ply polyether film in TUPLEX provides a highly effective, double moisture barrier, so no separate moisture barrier is required. A test report is available from the manufacturer.

Sound resistance
TUPLEX meets the latest requirements for impact sound insulation. Because of its high flexibility and excellent ability to recover from impact, its sound insulating properties never wear out. A test report about compressibility is available from the manufacturer.

Sound insulation
TUPLEX underlay, combined with any commonly used intermediate floor construction, meets the requirements pertaining to impact sound insulation in intermediate floors. A test report is available from the manufacturer.

Laying the floating floor is one of the last operations in interior decoration. At this point most of the decoration has been finished and must be protected from dirt and abrasion. TUPLEX is a lightweight, clean material that is easy to handle and install.

Technical specifications

  • Width: 1100 mm
  • Length: 30 metres per roll
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Area: 33m2
  • Polyethylene gauge: 0,04 mm
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