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Timbertech Original Xtra 3mm x 10m2 Underlay

Heavy duty rubber underlay for wood & laminate flooring
prices from as low as £2.88m2
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Timbertech™Original Xtra heavy duty rubber based engineered wood floor underlay is composed of a high quality, heavy mass rubber which significantly reduces in-room noise. It has an integrated backing fleece and built in aluminium vapour barrier to protect against moisture migrating from the sub floor, it is suitable for domestic & contract installations.

It is one of the highest quality room acoustic insulation materials on the market. Timbertech™ Original is thinner and much denser than inferior alternatives so keeps floor height to a minimum.

Timbertech Original Xtra evens out slight surface irregularities of the subfloor. Gives excellent impact sound and airborne noise insulation and the heavy mass ensures that the underlay has 100% stability with zero movement.

Size 1m x 10m (10m2)
Thickness 3mm
  •  Density 950kg/m³
  • Impact sound reduction 20dB to BS EN ISO 717-2
  • Thermal Conductivity at 10°C 0.036W/m k to DIN 4108
  • Temperature stability 75°
  • Thermal Resistance 0.018-0.016W/m k at 10°C to DIN4108
  • Maximum compression load <2.50kN/m² to DIN EN1606


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