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Bona Cleaning Systems for Lacquered Floors

Bona Cleaning System - A complete set for easy maintenence and cleaning of your lacquered wood floor including award winning Bona Spray Mop, Refesher & Applicator Pad
Manufacturer: Bona

This basic Bona cleaning and maintenance system for your lacquered wood floor includes:

1 Bona Spray Mop Kit enables you to clean and maintain your wooden floor in a sweep. Ergonomic and simple to use, the Spray Mop is quick to assemble and refill with the specially developed Bona floor cleaner cartridge. Just spray and clean!

Spray Mop Kit Includes:

  • Spray Mop
  • Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge
  • Microfibre Cleaning Pad

1 x Bona Wood Floor Refresher 1L

Bona Wood Floor Refresher is a ready-to-use maintenance protection for varnished wooden floors. It revives scratched and dull surfaces and offers continued protection against wear.

Contains no wax and thus allows for future coats of varnish. Bona Wood Floor Refresher restores the beauty of wooden floors, increases the sheen and makes old floors look like new. 

1 x Bona Applicator Pad

Bona Applicator Pad is designed for the application of Bona Wood Refresher. Washable and reusable and attaches to the Bona Mop with Velcro-like strips.



Manufacturer Bona
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