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WOCA Colour Oil for wooden floors

Oil finishing and colouring in one application.
Manufacturer: Woca
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Oil finishing and colouring in one application. Suitable for oak, ash, spruce, larch, pine and teak, as well as cork. Colour Oil may be used on both unfinished or freshly sanded interior woodwork.

Shake the container with Colour Oil well before and during application.
Apply the oil in an even coat onto an area of approx. 15 m2 with a short-haired paint roller. Let the floor absorb the oil for approx. 20 min. Subsequently, the oil is worked into the wood with a yellow polishing pad either manually or for large areas with a floor machine. Polish for approx. 15 min. till the floor appears saturated with oil.
Beware! Should any excess oil appear on the surface, remove this with cloths or paper or scrape onto next section of floor to be oiled. Buff floor with white polishing pads and with lint-free cotton cloths under the floor machine.
The colour oiled floor is pre-hardened after approx. 6 hours at room temperature of 20°C and completely hardened after 5 days.

If a silk-matt surface is required, the finished floor may be buffed with 1 dl of Colour Oil to 10 m2 of floor. This is done after the pre-hardening time and the oil must be polished carefully into the floor.
Cover walking areas with corrugated cardboard for 5 days.
Clean with Natural Soap. Maintain with Maintenance Paste or Colour Oil, but first clean with Wood Cleaner.

Risk of self-ignition: Due to the risk of self-ignition it is important that sanding dust and oil wetted cloths are soaked in water and disposed of in a tightly closed container after use.

1 Litre

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2.5 Litres

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