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Applying OSMO

Osmo Polyx oil is ready to use, please do not thin and stir well before use.

Once you are ready to finish your floor with Osmo Polyx start by applying the hardwax oil around the edge of the floor which should be clean and dry. Then apply using a natural bristle brush 220mm wide. The advantage of using a natural bristle brush is that the wax oil does not travel up the brush, no lines are visible once applied and it is easy and quick to apply by using this method. Apply the first coat thinly ensuring the floor is thoroughly coated, remove ant surplus by brushing over and leave to dry over night or at least 8-10 hours and good ventilation will be required.

Apply the second coat thinly as before an leave to dry overnight or 24 hours, again good ventilation is required.
The flooring will require no further treatment unless you require a heavier sheen, you can achieve this by lightly buffing using a polishing machine. If you require more of a sheen then apply Osmo liquid wax cleaner after i day at least , let it dry then re buff using a polishing/waxing machine.

Hard woods that are dense, dark and which have a high oil content such as jatoba, wenge, meranti should be treated with Osmo wood wax finish clear first to penetrate the wood, then apply 2 thin coats of Osmo polyx for protection. Make sure that you always test small areas first before you start any process.