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Priming Sub Floors

Sika Primer MB is a product that can speed up the drying process of subfloors.

Some local regulations require that a timber floor may only be laid on cementitious sub floor, when residual sub floor moisture is below 2.0% even less than 1.5% in the case of under floor heating. 

Depending on the enviroment and site conditions, cement screeds need 8-10 weeks to get down such values. Considering the short construction times today, adhering to drying periods is particularly difficult.

The moisture barrier Sika Primer MB can be used to reduce waiting times without any risk, as soon as residual moisture in the sub floor is down to 4%.The remaining moisture in the cement screed is harmless because part of the water remains in the capillaries, part will be used for complete hydration of the cement screed and another part will evaporate through the sides.

The evaporation quantity is however very small and evaporation is taking place over such a long period that there is no risk of staining and formation of fungus at the base of the walls. Wood floors can therefore be laid much sooner and construction times is 4-6 weeks shorter.