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Installation Methods

The four styles of installation methods for laying Wood Floors are; Nail down, Staple down, Glue down and Floating.

Nail Down -Typically used with 20 mm Solid products, however there are adapters available for thinner floors sizes. 30 and 50 mm nail/cleats should be used with a wood flooring nailer and a mallet to attach the flooring to the sub floor. Solid strip and plank floors can only be installed on wooden subfloors or sleepers.

Staple Down - 25mm and 50mm staples are used to attach the wood flooring to the subfloor. A pnematic gun is used to drive down the staple into the wood flooring and subfloor. This is a slighty better and easier way to lay a Solid Wood Floor.

Glue Down - The recommended mastic or adhesive is spread on with the proper size trowel to adhere the Wood Flooring to the subfloor, it is not recommended to glue down Solid wood Floors over 20mm.

Floating - With the floating installation method the floor is not mechanically fastened to any part of the sub floor. There is a minimum 10mm thick pad that is placed between the Solid Wood Floor and the subfloor. You should use a recommended glue for the tongue and groove on each plank to hold them together. The padding protects against moisture, noise transmission, softer under foot and provides additional R value. Engineered floors are ideal for this style of installation.