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How To Lay A Floating Floor

Place a floor board on the chosen underlay (optional), between the door and the frame, if necessary cut both the door and frame to fit the new floor level.

Direct the grain direction of the floor boards towards the strongest source of light. For boards that are at the end of each row, check that their length is more than 30cm and that their width is over 5cm.
Stagger the end joints by at least 30cm to provide a strong flooring. The first row should be laid from left to right with the grooved edge to the wall. To obtain an expansion of 10mm, place blocks or spacers between the boards, the walls, sills, pipes etc.

Some boards may require glueing along the whole length of the lower lip of the groove and along the top surface of the tounge. The top joints should be filled with glue when securing the boards together. Remove any excess glue as soon as possible by using a damp cloth or sponge.

Start laying the second row with the off cut from the first row. If this is shorter than 30cm use another board. To ensure the boards are well fixed together, gently hammer on a wooden block or take an of cut of your floor board, onto the edge so as to tighten the loints. When fitting the final row, position the boards onto the last but one row. Place an off cut against the wall and report the shape of the wall on the last row of boards. Position the last boards including the spacers. Remove the blocks after a drying time of 24 hours. Allow 48 hours for stabilisation before fitting the skirting boards and re fiting the premises.

Important Notices

  • When applying a 2 m ruler/ straight edge to any spot in the room, if there are any undulations of more than 5mm it should be filled using a self levelling compound prior to laying the floor boards.
  • The hummidity level should always be checked on new concrete and should not exceed 2%.
  • If the level is higher then use a Sika Mb primer to seal the sub floor.
  • Allow all wood floors time to acclimatise in the area you intend to lay the floor, for a mimimum of 48 hours at 18-20 degrees C.
  • Allow for an expansion gap of 10mm all around the room and put in an expansion gap if the room exceeds 12m in length and 8m wide.